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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food Truck Rally-Tampa Bay Downs-Tampa

I have been to 4 food truck rallies before todays and I wasn't that impressed. There wasn't that much variety and the prices were a little to high to be able to sample more then one or two trucks. Especially that these food truck are at rallies not on the street during lunch or dinner in downtown setting. You have to pick between one or to trucks or you may get full and can't try anything else. Especially if not everyone has the same taste or wanted to try the same thing someone else wanted. Well, that being said. There was a couple of trucks I liked. Taco Bus and I love Stinky Bunz. I have been hearing about avacodo fries from Pocket Pirates. Well, my favorite truck and pocket Pirates were going to be at Tampa Bay Downs so I had to go. And you know what it turned out to be a great day. I don't know if it was because of the food, the great breezy weather or because I betted on my first pony. I didn't win but it was fun. When the food trucks come back to Tampa bay Downs I definitely will be there. Now to the few trucks we tried.

I had to start with Pocket Pirates avocado fries. You don't get a whole lot for $6.00 but I know how much avocados cost. You know what they were good. They had a light batter and the avocados were soft and had a nice creamy texture to them drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce. I definitely will get them again, but I'll have to get two orders because my dad likes them too.

Pocket Pirates

Avocado Fries

Next was Burger Culture my dad wanted to try their burger a cheeseburger to be exact. It looked really good. It was a nice big burger it came with lettuce, tomato and a couple of pickles and you could put you own ketchup or mustard on. The bun was soft and fresh. The burger was fresh cooked not precooked. It was a good burger. $6.00
Burger Culture

Next my favorite Stinky Bunz. Got 3 shrimp Bunz with kimchi. They rises the price on these from $9.00 to $10.00 but I had a taste for them. You get three nice size chinese bunz. Their like soft little pillow with a little slit in them for the filling. You can get 2 or 3 bunz with your choose of fillings beef, pork, chicken, tofu and shrimp. You also get a choice of kimchi or slaw. I like the shrimp best they have a little sweetness to them. You get 2 medium size panko breaded shrimp in each bunz a pieces of lettuce, kimchi on top and cilantro. I put a little sriracha a top of these this time. You also get a helping of kimchi rice. I personally don't like the rice. I reather just have the bunz. They were delicious. I will order these every time I see their truck as long as the taste and quality does not change.
Stinky Bunz

3 Shrimp Bunz

With Rice

Don't they LOOK GOOD!!!
After we betted on the pony's we were going to get more food, but we were full. But I did get an ice pop from Whatever Pop. I wanted Blackberry Mojito but they did not have that one this time so I got Blackberry Honey Green Tea $3.00. It had a nice taste to it. I would diffidently have again (No picture). I had to get some cupcakes from Unforgettable Cupcakes they looked so good. There $2.00 each 6 for $11.00 and 12 for $22.00. I got 6. 2 Morning Breakfast which was maple bacon. That was good you could taste the sweet maple syrup in the frosting I am not sure what kind of cake it was. 2 Chiquita Splits. That also was good it had a fresh banana in the white cake and banana flavored frosting with a little chocolate syrup on top and a cherry. And last, 2 Peanut Butter Dynamite. Also good. Chocolate Cake with a peanut butter frosting and it had chopped snickers on top.
Top Chiquita Split. Right Peanut Butter Dynamite. Left Morning Breakfest.

It was a GREAT DAY.

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