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Thursday, February 16, 2012

La Pollera Colorada III-Tampa

I have been to this restaurant before and the food was good. The reason for the first visit was because there  was a wright up in the paper and I had to go try the platter that was pictured. Something that I definitely would do. From the outside this place dose not look good its between a fruit stand and a BBQ joint. But go in it's a nice little restaurant. Each time Ive went the place was empty maybe it gets fuller at dinner time. The place has a nice size menu from chicken to fish to meat all spanish/columbine. But you must try there platters especially  the mountain platter with skirt steak delicious. It comes with a skirt steak cooked to you're liking (me blood rare) the meat was the most tenderious skirt steak I have had in Florida. It also comes with rice, beans, sweet plantains, pork rind, colombian sausage, fried egg, corn cake and a slice of avocado hugh but delicious, a good dinner item. Oh and they have good fruit shakes (blackberry).  The grilled rib was good too it came with beans, rice and french fries. Both meals also come with a side salad with vinegar and oil.

This is a must try place. Don't look at the outside just go in and try. I found out this place has new restaurant in clearwater too.

Mountain Platter w/ Skirt Steak
Grilled Pork Rib
Blackberry Fruit Shake

La Pollera Colorada III
2315 West Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, Fl 33612
(813) 930-8826

1226 South Highland Ave
Clearwater, Fl 33756


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